A Ray of Hope – Poem

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After a long break, chancing on a poem I had written during my school days – has spurred me on to get back.

A Ray of Hope – Mathangi J


The skies were dark

when along life’s long river I decided to paddle

And on the banks I saw a bunch of people

all they did, was just dawdle

I found a number of willing comrades,

but neither of them had any grace

They said to me

” You may come with us, or you may go

Between us, relations will forever remain shallow”


The skies were darker when I went further down

But even there,people were frantically searching

for the materially studded crown

Hardly did they give me a glance

And to communicate, I did not even have a chance


Scaling my vision, I saw a figure at the deep end

Slowly I paddled yonder and far

And when I saw her,

I thought she possessed invisible scars


As I saw her –

there was a question in my glance

To which she replied –

with a faint smile and understanding countenance


“I know what you search for

People – they possess none

They try to reach it thro’

temporary periods of fun

You’ve come in search of the keys

which will unlock your mind to peace”


I stared at her with calm excitement

As I stared, her form suddenly did change

and flew towards the mountain range

…. In the form of a dove

It was then that I realized

there was a ray of light from the dark skies above!



I was about 14 years when I wrote this .




Helianthus annuus – The Sunflower

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Flowers  – as immobile as they may seem to be, sometimes seem to me almost expressive as animals or humans. Some flowers look garish, some shy, some seem dominant, but the Sunflower to me – seems so confident, simple to understand and enthusiastic.

They sleep when the sun is setting / or not yet risen – looking a bit dull and drab (almost like what the cat dragged in) before seeing the sun. Then slowly and almost coyly, they get dressed up in their brightest colours as they wake up and warm up along with the sun – the cheer evident on their faces.And as they keep just loyally following the direction of the sun – I think what a reliable friend the sunflower will make. Bobbing their head in the light breeze and looking absolutely full of joy during peak daytime – it strikes me, there is no way the Sunflower faces the shadow. It always makes sure its life is full of cheer, happiness and positive vibes.

I saw some sunflower fields during a recent trip of mine – and the happiness I felt was almost contagious. As seems to be the trend during my previous trips too – I was forced to take pictures from a moving vehicle. But there was no way I was going to miss taking pictures of these bright yellow beauties.

Just before I realised the presence of the sunflowers
Impatiently fiddling with the camera and trying to click pictures before I passed the wonderful sight...
Looks to me like each one is in serious conversation with its neighbour 🙂
Drawing inspiration from wordsworth and adapting it to my situation a bit " a host of golden daffodils, nay sunflowers"
Ten thousand saw I at a glance,Tossing their heads in a spritely dance - some poetic licence here! 🙂 

"I gazed--and gazed--but little thought
What wealth the show to me had brought"
Poet of wordsworth's calibre - maybe I am not,
But seeing these wonderful flowers - lifted my spirits somewhat!

You can read the classic “Daffodils”  by William Wordsworth here – http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/daffodils/


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“Cock-a-doodle – do

Hey,You are not part of my crew

I will crush you like little tooth picks

If you give my chicks bird-flu !!! “

What was going on in this rooster's mind? ...

Poems and crazy thoughts apart, I had no idea what was going on between the duck and the rooster when i took this shot.

Did the duck cross boundaries?

Was the rooster just plain agressive? Or a responsible father taking care of his lot?

What was he ‘crowing’ about? That he discovered a ‘quack’ eh? 😉

The phases we go through …

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Some of us are loners,

To work with someone is beneath our honor,

Independent or Isolated?

On our own efforts we want to fly high,

Any attempts to join a group will we continuously defy,

Lose the burden,and fly high

And then there are those,

who think –  the others are not their type,

They feel like the odd one out,

when they do not fit the stereotype

Odd one out !

Some of us put up with another,

Albeit from a distance,

Getting too close with a fellow brother,

Sometimes might be a hindrance,

I dont trust you

And then there are those who work in twos,

Without the other – one cannot even choose

Together is good, Dependence is not!

And then there are the small homogenous groups,

Where everyone feels the need to keep each other in the loop,

success of small groups prompt you to make them larger!

The group grows into a herd,

Problems increase,

It becomes difficult to move forward,

Gone are hopes of peace

Large groups, more problems

Familiarity soon breeds contempt,

As everyone wants to have their way,

Discussions and compromises are the last attempt,

Before you realise – together you cannot stay

Impossible to be together!

And then the final phase,

You realise – no man is an island,

Rules of nature apply,

And everyone we no longer can ban,

The Solution – Keep them all equidistant,

Not too close, not too far – that here is absolutely salient,

Wisdom dawns at the end of your strife,

For what you went through – is called the circle of Life!

Not distant but Equidistant

P.S. Click on the pictures for a  larger display. I thank the birds for helping me gain some perspective!