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Junk food for Junior?

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Hey mom, what is that?

Baby Hippo : Hey mom, what is that? Look at it – I’m sure it tastes good. Maybe we will become light and fast if we drink it. They did talk about it on the underwater TV.

Mom Hippo : Let me smell it first. I do not want you going near it, until I tell you its safe. Move over! And who is letting you watch underwater TV? 

(Sniffs long and hard)

Not good for you...

Mom  :We have ivory canine teeth, we can outrun humans, hold our breath underwater for about 6 minutes, eat about 70 kgs of grass a day, we have eyes on top of our head -and all we have to do is relax and keep ourselves cool the whole day. So tell me Jr. , why do you need this bottle to make you ‘lighter and faster’ ?

Jr : I heard the kids call us pigs mom. It hurts. I want to be lighter, faster and more stylish!

Mom : Jr, the ancient Egyptian civilization revered us. We were the gods of fertility. So you do not need this orange bottle to make you feel better!

Don't you dare touch it!

Jr: Really? Not even a tiny bit?
Mom : See what it has done to the human kids. They drink these toxic drinks and just become stupid. How could an intelligent person call us pigs? We are actually called “Riverhorses”
Jr : Really? Then cool…

Mom: (thinks to herself)  Damn the tourists!&*@$^