When you go through a networking page…

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I see you going through a networking site

I somehow catch the waves of your plight

As you ponder –

“Is their life a bit too bright?”

“Or is mine just, not quite right? ”

“Why are my finances always so tight?”

“And how come, everyone seems to be in a constant state of delight?”


What’s the big deal?

I want to scream

When you sadly draw my attention to the numerous “Thumbs up” on a page

It really doesn’t mean anything

I mean – “Whom do you want to upstage? ”


Do people really genuinely feel?

I have to wonder

When they shout and scream in happiness.

True. I wish them no bitterness.

But then, does everyone have to know?

Many times I am embarrassed, but I go along with the flow


All you excited shutterbugs ,if I may kindly appeal?

Ugh… pictures of your every meal?

A photo of your broken spiked heel?

A selfie at the driving wheel?

Please-oh-please – let not every aspect of your life be revealed!


Sometimes I am so tired of this Spiel

Where your real life is concealed

And I get to watch just the highlight reel.

Yes I do admit.

Sometimes I do wonder and sigh ” Why is my life such an ordeal?”


I’m confused. I think. I decide.

I don’t want no one to give me my pride.

I mean – I’ve worked hard. I’ve cried. I have truly, truly tried.

And many an illogical thing, have I taken in my stride.


But somehow I don’t want it on display.

“Why do you always keep to yourself? ” – I hear you say

Maybe I am scared, my peace it may steal

Or maybe I am cautious, it may end up my Achilles’ Heel


I am sorry. I will continue to be slow.

It’s really not because of my ego.

What I really don’t want to forego.

Is my happiness in watching me grow!


Dear Facebook…

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Dear Facebook,


I really do not understand, how did you get to be so popular? Why do people want to be connected with you all the time? Why do they have to keep checking for updates on both mobile phones and on their laptops? You were interesting .. I agree. But now?

I find your games boring. The fortune cookies and their predictions -rather vague. And I do not even want to talk about your Farmville, Fishville and whatchamacallits. It bugs me to see pictures of 11th Honeymoon pictures of my acquaintances at places I cannot afford. Or candid pictures of hungover people. And those monotonous comments – “Awwwww”, the little heart symbols,  ” S/he is a princess or prince” The many ” made for each other “couples, who actually look nothing of the part. The people with 1000 friends who immediately get 47 likes in 15 seconds of them posting an update. Why don’t you do anything about it? I really do not understand… Please do get back to me on this.



P.S. I think I might ‘unfriend’ you this time !

Dear Mathangi,

Good to hear from you. I know what you are talking about. Sometimes I find myself boring. I do not want to have ‘walls’, much less have people ‘post’ their graffiti on them. Earlier people used to treat me as a friend and put up only special stuff and I wanted to give them fun stuff too. I rather liked sending people pokes and hugs and birthday cakes. And it seemed to me a good platform for making friends with some privacy. But as I have become older, I have become wiser and maybe even found out what makes me popular.  As you are a good friend , and a curious one – I shall share it with you. I function on two basic principles : –

1. Need to be appreciated – Well don’t you remember how good it feels to be appreciated? I’m sure you do look forward to feedback for your blogs too. It always is nice to be recognized. And that is one of my biggest advantages. There will be someone among your friends who will “like” whatever it is you say. If two of your closest friends do not agree to what you say – post it on Facebook and you will find 20 who do! So, I do feel proud sometimes that I make people happy.

But I agree with you  – I have seen weird posts get their share of  ” likes” too. For e.g. someone informed the rest of the world that about the demise of their friend, and it got 147 likes! Like you, I did not understand – was the person so unpopular, that everyone was waiting for his death??? Then I slowly realized that his friends did miss him, and wanted to show their grief by “liking” the fact that he was dead. Well, maybe the cynic in you blames Me, but the rationalist in Me blames you (The users).

2. Support in Misery :– The next best thing to appreciation, is support when you feel down. Try posting a message that says ‘ I’m bored’ or ‘I’m depressed’ and see the number of people (friends or acquaintances) who immediately spring to your rescue with their ‘concerned’ comments or efforts to cheer you up. Both are basic needs of people across the world. The need to feel wanted and liked, and the need to feel part of a group. I do agree that it may not be the best thing to broadcast around the world, but hey if it works in today’s scenario, why not? And people do tell me about Facebook bullies, and cutting out people or blocking people out – even though it hurts there is nothing I can do about it. The youngsters have become smarter and faster and I have become older and slower.

I try to survive with my basic two strengths which I have told you about. You may complain about the different groups, self-promotion pages, or lack of privacy. But dear Friend, I think your problem is that you may have outgrown me .

But nevertheless, I’m sending you a friend request with the message ” Being Facebook is getting too complicated. Time to become a unicorn”. POOF!!!