Expressions – of the macaw family !

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After the introduction to the noisy macaw family – today I am posting the myriad expressions that they exhibited and that I tried to capture.

1. The most popular emotion of all – Love


2. Well if there are pairs, there exists the world of the singles too.

   — What emotion would you identify with this guy – independence, jealousy, loneliness?

Macaw soltero

3. And where there are groups – there always is Gossip. Or shall we just call it networking? 


4.  Disdain, Anger, Disappointment exhibited by the bird in red.
And maybe shame, submission, passivity from the blue one. Do you read anything else? 

Complex emotions

5. I have just one word for this picture – Forgiveness! 


6. I would like to end on a positive note. I’ve interpreted this picture as – Sharing and Friendship. 


I would really like to hear from you – if you’ve got a different interpretation when you saw the pictures. And which was your favorite emotion amongst them all? Thank you 🙂