Feeling like Cleopatra!

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Imagine yourself  in this beautiful hairdo, perched oh-so-elegantly on your head…



followed by this absolutely stunning neck piece, just closely embracing your neck …



right down to sandals made out of solid gold, complete with golden finger and toe nails!



And I am quite sure nothing is going to stop you from feeling like royalty (irrespective of whatever outfit you are wearing)

In awe of Egyptian art and attention to detail…



Stained Beauty – yet Perfect !

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Stained glass paintings never fail to impress. They are vibrant yet not gaudy, silent and yet speak volumes…. I hope you all enjoy these beautiful works of art, snapped at the Met Museum, NY.


Temples and their near permanent residents

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I visited a temple recently and as always was awestruck by the gopuram (tower) , the colours, the statues, the paintings and the symmetry.

The temple tower

When I focussed on this serene statue of a saint… I noticed a flurry of activity in the background (See if you can spot him here)

Statue of a serene saint

And close by were the residents of the Gopuram, eating, playing and feeding their little ones…

Monkey biz – one with a banana, one hanging upside down, and the other just plain bored!

As I continued to focus on them  – they started getting restless with my intrusion into their privacy… So they gnarled at me, scowled and finally moved out.

God, This girl keeps following me around – call me when she has left.. Leaving now

The concept of Duality

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The concept of Duality

The concept of duality has been around forever – the sun & moon, good & evil, man & woman, mind & body, dark & light , happy & sad, to hold on & to let go,the simple & the accesorized, black & the colours – we have it all. Our job is to stay right in the midst of this duality… and balance our stay there!

Art on cloth

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After a post filled with vintage memories and serious thought, this one is going to be in sharp contrast. Colours that literally hit you in the face, art and buoyancy. A collection of traditional Indian art, with cloth as the canvas.

Jai Hanuman

Hanuman – the most ardent vanara devotee of Lord Rama, is a person of intense loyalty and discipline. One looks to him to remove anything that causes fear in your mind. Here the figure of Hanuman is cut out from cloth and mounted on a mat.

Art in its detail

Parrots, peacocks, colourful flowers, differently shaped leaves – this detailed piece of art was done on cloth akin to parchment. The mirror images of the peacocks, that almost blend into the scenery, the flirtatious green parrot above and the almost angry looking orange one below – there is so much more you find out when you closely observe this painting.

Stories in art

We tend to think of art as one giant picture in all its details. Sometimes its a lot of small pictures that bring us to the big picture. The picture above – traces a lot of events – war, execution, weddings, blessings, prayer, romance – it is all depicted here. Not necessarily part of the same story – it seems to have captured the culture and life in the past.

Art – the Skill and Cloth – the Medium!