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Blog #50 -The Royal Indian Cat

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Just felt this would be a befitting Blog # 50 – A picture of the regal tiger.

No extra words. No unnecessary descriptions . Let the picture speak…

In its own world... unaware of its awe-struck audience!

Peacock diet…

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What do I see there? A snake perhaps...fat insect?
Tip toeing across twigs and branches elegantly...
Is this what I saw from afar? I must get my eyes checked... The snake is actually a branch...
Fat insect just a speckled mushroom...? yes, yes - it is quite clear up close! So much, for an interesting meal today ...

Vegan is good…

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Today I just have to find out - what is it that the bisons eat? Just vegan stuff? i do not believe it, I shall spy on their eating habits today to find out...
Shhhh...Enter the Bison
That's it??? He just starts grazing... and grass? Is that all there is to his well-defined muscles?
There, my distant cousin has sent her impish brat to spy on his eating habits too... Scat you imp!
And he drinks just water! Where does he get all those muscles?
I think he is just showing off all those muscles...
He definitely is showing off... Did he spot me?

Bison 1 : Do not look now, but those two monkeys have been staring at your uncle from the morning.

Bison 2 : What do they want?

Bison 1 : They still keep trying to spot if we consume health supplements, like their ‘evolved’ cousins.They cannot believe ‘Vegan is good’.

Bison 2 : Is it really?

Bison 1 : Well, look at his muscles and yours!

Bison 2 : Sigh! Well… I guess


Dad  : What do they eat? Tell me… What did you see?

Son : I swear Dad, they eat just grass and leaves, and drink just water. Please let go of my          neck, you’re hurting me!

Mom : Your son is as bad as you. Just comes back with useless stuff doesn’t he? Sigh…


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“Cock-a-doodle – do

Hey,You are not part of my crew

I will crush you like little tooth picks

If you give my chicks bird-flu !!! “

What was going on in this rooster's mind? ...

Poems and crazy thoughts apart, I had no idea what was going on between the duck and the rooster when i took this shot.

Did the duck cross boundaries?

Was the rooster just plain agressive? Or a responsible father taking care of his lot?

What was he ‘crowing’ about? That he discovered a ‘quack’ eh? 😉

Evolution – not applicable…

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Evolved or not –  Kids do not change. Their mischief does not change. And the exasperation of parents do not change. Hence it is just natural that some parenting methods just do not change. Some old-fashioned threatening and spanking just do not hurt! As the mother here believes and the little one is about to find out 🙂

Some old-fashioned parenting

The other side of the fence…

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I captured this during a boat ride at Mudaliarkuppam , Madras.  As we passed this herd of cows peacefully sauntering along the backwaters ,  grazing the little grass that seems to populate their side of the bank, I am sure they were thinking – is the grass greener on the other side?

Is the grass greener on the other side?

Peaceful co-existence

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I took this photo from behind a tree as I saw this rare sight of peaceful coexistence at a small farm in the outskirts of Madras. The farmer goes about his work with the huge tractor, tilling the soil . The birds maybe  used to his presence – are not intimidated into taking flight, but rather wait expectantly for some tasty tidbits (read earthworms and other slithery friends) that the wheels of the tractor may turn up.

The man, the machine and the birds...