Month: May 2012

Mirage in May…

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Not that you could not spot a Mirage in April or even February – but then I was lucky to get a shot of it in May. Not very clear – since I had to take it from afar (the closer you got – there was nothing to be seen! ), hence had to crop out the relevant portions of the picture. I took this from a moving car, and had to go through a lot of dud shots before I got one picture that did reflect the Mirage…


Temples and their near permanent residents

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I visited a temple recently and as always was awestruck by the gopuram (tower) , the colours, the statues, the paintings and the symmetry.

The temple tower

When I focussed on this serene statue of a saint… I noticed a flurry of activity in the background (See if you can spot him here)

Statue of a serene saint

And close by were the residents of the Gopuram, eating, playing and feeding their little ones…

Monkey biz – one with a banana, one hanging upside down, and the other just plain bored!

As I continued to focus on them  – they started getting restless with my intrusion into their privacy… So they gnarled at me, scowled and finally moved out.

God, This girl keeps following me around – call me when she has left.. Leaving now

Responsibilities arrive with the break of dawn…

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The Sun rising behind tall buildings – a hot summer day!
And this mother is already up for work before sunrise …Her nest safely tucked into the crevices of a telephone pole ! Responsibilities…

The War Memorial – Madras

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The War Memorial on Beach road just opposite the Chennai port was built to commemorate the Victory of India over different wars viz . WWI, WWII, The Indo-Pak war, The Chinese Agression, and The Kashmir Agression. A circular structure from outside – You will have to mount the gigantic circular steps to reach the tall tower . As you walk around the memorial you will see inscriptions engraved into the wall – in different languages – expressing gratitude to those who laid down their lives for us in the war. Well maintained, with a small garden of flowers in the circumference – the War Memorial is a place that should be visited more often.

The Port of Chennai
The Memorial tower
The Circular Steps leading to the memorial
Close up of the Tower


Under the rays of the Sun

Words for the Martyrs
For World War I


For World War II


The Kashmir Agression of 47-48
The Chinese Agression of 1962


The Indo-Pak war of 1971

Inscriptions engraved into the wall –

I think this is Urdu – correct me if wrong
In Telugu
In Tamil

The inscription in Tamil reads – A memorial for the people from Madras province / presidency who served the country and gave up their lives in war.

Sometimes we are so wrapped up in our lives that we forget to stop and think of those who have given us something that we take for granted on an everyday basis – our life.

My Top 3 popular Guys

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Well recently, a friend of mine and I were discussing about factors that made people popular. Was it their looks, their money, their celebrity connections, their personality or just some publicity – good or bad? I finally decided to go with the one factor that I think is unique to every one – being yourself. And here is my pick of top 3 men who have remained themselves but yet managed to become popular.


Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
  • He did not get a makeover when he became the President of India.
  • He gave children access to the Parliament.
  • The masses of India felt proud to look up to an intelligent yet unassuming man.
  • He continued being a teacher – making crowds repeat important points after him – and they loved him for it.
  • He moved away from the spotlight gracefully and is still the first person who comes to the common Man’s mind when talking about the previous or next President of India.

2. SHERLOCK HOLMES – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sherlock Holmes

The brilliant man from Baker Street, with his ability to solve cases based on attention to detail – did take the world by storm. Moody, hardly social ,choosy, and well behaved – Holmes does not make you feel like he is a Know-it-all but rather earns your respect and admiration. Treating his faithful friend Watson with patience and his Landlady Mrs.Hudson with respect – I think Sherlock Holmes might be one of the few achievers in his field with a perfect work-life balance. Eccentric, erratic, and eclectic – Holmes proved that many a time that, behind his steely cold countenance there was indeed a warm heart with a sense of justice.

3.  SHELDON COOPER – Big Bang Theory

Dr.Sheldon Cooper

Idiosyncratic Sheldon. Rigidly logical. Socially awkard. Speaks with a lisp. Cannot drive a car. Phobic about his own security.Has a ‘logical’ sense of humor. Is not willing to share his ‘seat’. Mule-like stubbornness. Superiority Complex. Suffers from OCD. Star Trek crazy. Wears T-shirts with superhero logos. Hangs out at Comic book stores. Treats you with disdain if not a “Doctor (PhD)”.  Treats you with disdain if not a physicist. Treats your with disdain if you do not adhere to “his” routine. A sore loser.

You actually want to kill him. But miss him if he is not around. Sheldon is loved.

I guess it can be safely said that Sheldon Cooper may be the only nerd / geek who can command this kind of popularity all around the world.

So there it is guys – 3 people who continue to be themselves and continue to be popular. Hats off to them 🙂

Simple yet brilliant!

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Simple yet brilliant!

Maybe it is all about lighting. This is one of my best efforts till date – and the sharpness of the picture, texture of the petals and brilliant yellow – is something I guess, is possible only in natural lighting. My thanks to the Sun God!

Pensive walk…

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A cut through the fields…

As I zoomed into these green fields from afar, I really enjoyed the sight of this narrow canal cutting it into two parts. The culmination of water, sunlight and greenery somehow made the simultaneous presence of all three factors seem so wonderful.

Pensive walk…

And almost from nowhere, appeared this sun-tanned old lady, sickle in hand and a small red cloth pouch tucked into her sari at the waist, nosering, golden bangles and her silver hair held in place by a careless “kondai” (hairstyle)- and oblivious of my attention directed towards her, she walked along the wall of the canal, unsmiling and deep in thought.