A Brrrrrrr Moment ;-)

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Hello there tourists  – did you come to see me? I shall pose beautifully for you, and swim gracefully. And all I need in return is compliments. Capisce???

Gliding smoothly

Oh good, they’ve started clicking away. Crazy humans!

Let me try reaching the spot elegantly and in style

Uh-oh! What do i do? I’m itching terribly and need to use my bill / beak. When do I do it? Not when I’m the centre of attention here. I would be embarrassed if they caught me on camera. Let me trying reaching my wing in an elegant manner.

I hope I look like I’m doing the ballet.


Oh what the hell? I cannot help it. I need to get rid of my itch. Brrrrr….. Need some time underwater.

Back to my usual poised self 🙂

Aaaah… that is some relief! Now I’m ready to oblige, all poised and calm. What are you grinning at – girl with the camera? Did you capture my  ” Brrrrrrrrrrr…” moment? Fie on you! And stop grinning….


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