What did Mr.Crab see this morning?

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I woke up early this morning and dragged myself out of bed...
Its dawn as usual. Clouds in a blue- orange sky. I sight I see everyday... The humans? Where are they?
I peep out of my house to see... where have the people gone?
Ah! There they are... business as usual... Did I miss the sunrise? Has it become so late?
No I have not missed it. There he is. The sun. Lazily coming up from behind the clouds..
I look up and see something else... what is that? Behind the sun...
There it is - the line behind... Maybe I should see it up close?
Beautiful colours.. but I just dont get it! What is this? Maybe I should see it from afar...
It is something that moves! Is it going to fall into the sea? What will become of my home?
I'm curious. My eyes are looking up.. following the object.. and my ears hear the excited shriek of the humans around me... I try to listen..
There is one girl who shrieks so loud - my claws cannot cover my ears! A Jet.. A Jet..she screams...
A Jet? That is a new word. A Jet at sunrise. That is a new experience...
All's well that ends well.. I'm going back into my hole!

2 thoughts on “What did Mr.Crab see this morning?

    Sukanya Ramanujan said:
    February 16, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    Good one. I’ve got a series of similar shots in some of my old posts.

    Sathya said:
    February 17, 2012 at 6:04 am

    Nice way of story telling, enjoyed the sunrise shots and meeting the crab too 🙂

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