Beautiful sights in clear water…

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Wading through some clear backwaters – these two animals made beautiful subjects for a quick picture. You had to be fast for the shy animals were not interested in any kind of human contact.

This beautiful crab with purple claws (not visible here) was in a hurry to disappear into the nearest crevice in a rock!

I watched in surprise at what I thought was a sea shell – suddenly sprouted antennae / feet/ claws and started inching toward the small plant, and attempting to climb it, leaving its ‘footsteps’ as a trail in the grains of sand!

What I thought was a shell...
Deciding to move forward...
Moving away from point A...
Trudging on to point B...
Reached the Goal 🙂 !

I watched in amazement at the focus this little animal exhibited, moving along with its limited capabilities and resources. Never once did it give up, resign itself to negative thoughts, or complain. Humans – lesson to be learn here. Worry less, work more 🙂


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