A visit to the Shore Temple – Mamallapuram

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The shore temple at Mahabalipuram a.k.a Mamallapuram ,overlooking the Bay of Bengal is a tourist attraction for many. A visit to Madras is not complete without a visit to Mamallapuram and for many people in Madras, the one hour drive to this place is a regular feature on their agenda. Built by Narasimha Pallava, this temple has survived the wrath of the 2004 Tsunami. Complete with a reclining statue of Vishnu and a Lingam, this temple is classified as a UNESCO world heritage site.

My blog gives no great details about this wonderful temple, but is more about the beautiful carvings, statues and architecture that appealed to me.  A voyage through photographs…

The single Gopuram
Gopuram up close...
The "Nandis" that welcome you
The "Nandis" that watch you from their seat on the wall...
Carved Narasimha
Sculpted on the walls...
Closer view
Beautiful ruins...
Carved fountain ?
Who thought of a carving in a well?
...Or on a chinese Lion's chest?
Simple and Utilitarian structure - to collect water maybe?
Sand pit enclosed by carved walls...
Exit to courtyard or side entrance to Temple...
A rare picture- The room that houses this Lingam is not opened often.
Carved onto the wall behind the Lingam - Lord Shiva, Parvati, Skandan or Lord Muruga as a child...
Step out to a brilliant sunset...
The well at sunset...
Another day has gone, People come and go, - The temple remains!

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