When Normal is Abnormal…

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Consider this – A 19 year old leaps out of his bed at 7.40 am, his instincts prodding him that he will be late for class. He skips breakfast but makes it in time for roll call. Five to six hours and a Coke + Samosa later, comes the important question – ” What shall we do today? Hang out? Movie? Where and with whom?”. Food is sacrificed in honor of the plan to be executed – oh we can eat anywhere when we have time! (The realization of sacrifice in order to achieve a goal!!). Post hanging out / dinner at KFC/ hours on Facebook + Twitter, and checking out profiles of vague people, combined with late night smses – students of today don’t have it easy!!! Easily identifiable huh?

And I bet you would laugh, NO scorn – if I told you I know someone who studies in the morning, listens in class, goes for a jog in the evening and wraps up work by 10.30.

No, I do not intend speaking on time management and its ever increasing advantages! The point I’m trying to make is – we are fast being sucked into a society where abnormals are placed in high esteem. Jet-lagged Bosses who come screaming –  straight to office from the airport , youngsters who have undergone a bypass at the age of 35, career moms who gift their 10 year olds an I-phone are the people who catch our fancy.  People pursuing a childhood hobby, taking care of their health/ family and setting aside time for relationships are almost tagged as LOSERS.

We find it easy to accept that Top managers commit suicide in order to escape stress, when the normal solution is to take a half hour break to rejuvenate yourself.

It is easier to prepare  your neighbor with a suicide helpline number  the day before his son’s results are declared and discussing the injustice of the quota system, whereas the normal solution is to ask your neighbor the simple question ” Did your child really study?”

Which is why we are not surprised to read articles that highlight a 15 year old going under the knife for chiselled 6-pack abs, whereas the normal solution would be to give him a knock on the head and send him scurrying to the nearest playground!!!

All of us seek normalcy in the sub-conscious. That is why the Johnson’s babies are still popular and not the young girl who rebukes her mother’s choice of pursuing a job instead of oiling the child’s hair! We want to see childish children and motherly mothers. Not smart kids and their smarter mothers.

We do not want to see an exaggerated smile from a stressed out visage. We want to see a normal smile from a pleasant countenance. The point is we can feel the difference. Likewise others can also sense the same difference. Expectations are high when it comes to normalcy.

So the next time you take up something – an aerobics class, an ad campaign or you just want to appear confident at a presentation – the sure way to success is this

  • Think Normal
  • Act Normal
  • Behave Normal
With this attitude, you have nothing to lose. The clutter in your mind is cleared up when you know you are going to enjoy your aerobics, you know your ad-campaign will impress your client, and you know that just a deep breath and well-prepared speech will help you breeze through your presentation.
The acceptance of this attitudes relieves us of stress that has now become our constant companion. And as Rudyard Kipling said –
” If you can fill the minute, with sixty seconds worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And – which is more
You will be a Man, my son!”

2 thoughts on “When Normal is Abnormal…

    Sukanya Ramanujan said:
    January 30, 2012 at 3:18 pm

    This is good stuff! I agree with you that people think being uber smart is being uber cool. Being normal is a premium. its like how people cant work within regular hours because they’re too busy yapping or taking coffee breaks and the one who works and leaves early is looked upon as a shirker.

    Stressed Mum said:
    February 4, 2012 at 12:34 am


    thats a great post….

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