When simple Nature came under common man…

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Once there was a barren land

So dry, you couldn’t withstand

With no possibility of growth ,

Awful respect did it command.

After a long long time,

One fine day, it started to rain,

And each drop of water on soil,

Slowly eased away its pain

With the rains becoming quite routine,

Brown barren land slowly started to turn green

With some sunshine, it was no longer deprived,

And small little plants, slowly started to thrive,

Plants became trees,

They bore fruit and flowers,

With glowing colour and health

Humility was gone in hours

The Orange!

“Look at my bright hues”

Said the yet-to-blossom orange,

“I think my color is the best”

And thus he threw open the challenge

The Yellow

“Buoyant hues eh?” smirked the yellow

“My colours you must behold

Against the green in sunshine

I’m not yellow but gold”

The Pink (leaf)

“Well, well what do you think?

Garish colours are just not preferred

Stay elegant” – said the pink

The Red

“I’m sorry, but are you a flower or a leaf?”

Asked the red

“Amongst colours, I’m the chief”

It said with a toss of its head

The shy Pink!

The shy pink flower

really truly cared

but being very timid

It had nothing much to share

The Money plant

The money plant like the others, wanted its place of pride

It did strut around in all its wealth

But lacked confidence, on the inside

Sour Lime

The Lime, who was watching silently, said

“All of you are pretty,with your colours

you can just seduce,

But none of you have any talents, that could be put to use”

The Banana bunch

“Well said dear lime” praised the banana 

hanging with the rest of its bunch

“But I’m sweet, and you’re sour,

So I beat you with a punch”

The Man arrives...

And thus did the fruits and flowers squabble

About who amongst them was the best

They heard the sound of distant cattle

Driven by a man who lacked finesse

“Lo, behold” said the man

“Red, pink, yellow and green

I see all the colours I possibly can”

The flowers looked at the fruits and smiled

With a touch of arrogance, though it was mild

The man continued

“Lo,behold – A lime and a banana tree

There also is a money plant

Lucky lucky me”

“I do like this place

With flowers, fruits and trees

I no longer need to worry

From today, they belong to me!”

And here ends the story

With man exploiting nature to this day,

Not humbly , But firmly.


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