Frenching it up …

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On a recent visit to Pondicherry, I just clicked some pictures of the French name boards on a tip from a friend. Some of the translations seem similar to English and yet different.

Quai could be translated to bank / platform / quay in English." Sallai" stands for the word road in tamil.
Rue stands for street, And Madam is not a Title - but something similar to mylapore's " Maada veedhi"
Rue - Street / Covil stands for temple.
Another street directing us to the famous vinayagar temple..
And taking us to the beach...this is self-explanatory
You should be able to guess this one - Company street...
The customs office..and yes "Douane" stands for customs!
To the French and Indian soldiers who died for their country...(during the First World War 1914-1918)
The Soldier's club .
Finish up with coffee at Le Cafe - a 24 hour coffee lounge, with a great view of the seaside!
And if you actually needed translations for the pictures, this is where you should be heading to pick up the lingo!

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