Month: December 2011

Politics in the stork kingdom…

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The king of storks and his queen are having a serious discussion, to decide the fate of the petty criminal storks standing there, right in front of them. Just a little distance away, esconced in the bushes are the chauvinistic courtiers who are hoping the queen has no say in this decision!

The King (black feathers) :  So what do you think my queen? Should we not be strict with these criminals? For it is the petty criminals who grow to be rogues.

The Queen (in pink) : Could your highness be a bit lenient? The one on the left is rather old and the other on the right looks truly ashamed. Why not give them a chance to reform? 

The King : Let me consult with my courtiers! 

The Queen : Please take a decision once, without those good-for- nothing courtiers. You ARE the king after all !!!

The King : Well… if you say so! 

The King to the Criminals : On the Queen’s request I set you free this time! I should not hear of you in my kingdom ever again. Be gone! 

The accused : We are grateful to your Highness! 

The Courtiers : Sacrilege! The woman has started influencing him! We have to remove him from his post right away! Let us plot his downfall… 

Unknown to the courtiers are the king’s valuable spies, making note of every development that the courtiers make.

The spies : The King has to be warned! Send the messengers!  

Fly they did High and….


To reach the king before the final blow! 

Did the reach him? Did they let him know? 

Or because of his lady love, should the king his kingdom forgo??? 

For those of you who followed it with interest ,

The strategies and counters that developed the quickest,

Continue and watch this space,

To see – who delivered the final ace! 


Kingfisher games…

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I’m bored. I wish I could do something adventurous!

My prayers have been answered. Let me try my hand at skiing. Excitement – here I come!

Whoops! I got all entangled.. How embarassing!

Did anyone see that? I hope not… Back to square one!

What Storks want!!!

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As the passionate two in the center seem to be oblivious to their other feathered beings, the passive bystanders seem to ignore the “crazy duo”. All except the stork on the right, her beak dripping with sarcasm! She seems to say ” Keep your PDA elsewhere please” . And  I second that!

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